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"Whoa! You’re one of those robo-girls that I’ve heard about! Kinda like Noellers, right?" The beastkin exclaimed. There was no recognition in her eyes. Although friendly, there wasn’t nearly the same amount of warmth as before. They were strangers now.

Earlier that day, Makoto had gotten into an argument with the Professor, having finally gotten fed up with the constant memory wipes that Lambda had been subjected to ever since Kokonoe had repaired her. She couldn’t handle it anymore. She couldn’t handle seeing that blank look in the unit’s eyes each time it happened.

Since Kokonoe had claimed that Makoto was a big reason for the reason why Lambda had gotten the wipes in the first place, the beastkin thought of a solution. It was a hefty thing to give in exchange, but she’d been determined that even after getting her own memory wiped, somewhere deep down, she’d know that she and Lambda were friends.

So far, there was no sign of that.

"Oh! Uh… I guess I should introduce myself, since we’ll be working together. My name’s Makoto! What’s yours?"


"Ohh! Maybe we could get some ice cream! Maybe rocky road? Or… macadamia nut flavored?" Makoto’s eyes sparkled at the prospect of said nutty goodness, and she bounded ahead to the nearest ice cream cart. It’d take a few minutes to get there from where they were.

Normally at a time like this, Makoto would’ve grabbed Lambda’s hand and guided her to the place, but this time, the squirrel girl was content with just leading the way, checking behind her to make sure that Lambda was following. “C’mon, just Lambda! Gotta seize the day!”

You can decide.” Lambda had a hunch on what would be chosen however.
Well it was clear that the squirrel was till full of energy. Not very many of her memories had been removed by the look of it. Lambda was focusing on figuring out what happened rather than the prospect of sweets, despite her little obsession with anything edible.

Sure enough, Lambda followed behind her at a brisk walk. The cyborg hadn’t actually ever run, and wasn’t about to go flying around everywhere.
She actually knew what the expression ‘seize the day’ meant. Though she had originally been confused, how could one seize a day? That seemed so difficult.

murakumonumber11: Lambda gently tapped Dataku on the shoulder, to get his attention. As soon as he turned around, however long that took, she made an attempt to kiss him. Key word is attempt. (HEY LOOK WHAT I'M DOING!)



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